O'Brien has produced a program to provide students with sound knowledge and skills to safely operate an Unattended Boiler.  Our courses typically take 1-2 days depending on the client's skill set and requirements.  We find a single day course is best suited to technically originated people with a sound understanding of units of pressure, temperature and chemical terminology.  The two day course is best suited for individuals with a limited technical knowledge and is intended to give students the ability to safely operate the boiler and meet AS2593-2004 requirements.  Training can be provided on site and each student is provided with a set of course notes and a Certificate of Attendance on completion.



The course addresses the following:

  • What is steam and how does a boiler operate
  • Definition of a trained person and AS2593-2004 requirements
  • Boiler operational hazards and recommended PPE
  • Essential boiler mounts, fittings and their functions
  • Examine site boilers and visually identify control items
  • Boiler feed water system, terminology and requirements
  • Boiler feed water treatment, chemicals and testing
  • Boiler control, combustion, burner management and system interlocks
  • Boiler daily and weekly testing and record keeping
  • Boiler start up and shut down requirements
  • Boiler maintenance, documentation, boiler file and log books

Courses are generally run onsite on demand.  Australia wide training is available for this course.   Please contact us for further information.