Cutting-edge burners for heating and industrial applications

ELCO has been an established brand across Europe for over 80 years. For decades ELCO has been at the forefront of burner technology. O'Brien has partnered with ELCO to offer their burner solutions to the Australian market. Long experienced in developing and customising burners for any requirements of the global market allows O'Brien to guarantee reliability and excellent performance of the ELCO product in any application area, even the most critical.

By linking a strong innovative ability to a developing will, ELCO conceives performing and reliable burners that respect the environment as well as corresponding services, in order to establish lasting relationships. Being a specialist in the design and manufacturing of burners, today ELCO is a leader in the development of combustion technology. The design of the EK EVO is the result of a successful synergy between ELCO key features and essential design. Professionals will appreciate the flexibility of a 180° orientable air inlet, the compact switch box and the easy to clean glossy paint.

All EK EVO models are fully electronically controlled and they are teamed with the ETC Series Burner Management Control System.
The user interfaces include a dedicated 10.4" touchscreen. Some of the benefits of the ETC control system include: improved turndown, oxygen trim option, flexibility to address most boiler applications, interfacing to Building Management Systems and other third party systems using communication protocols such as Modbus and Profibus, and many more.

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All EK EVO Burners feature:

  • Integrated switch cabinet with modular concept complete for an easy installation with control box, fan motor direct start-up,enumerated connection terminals, three-phase electrical power supply (available as options, power regulator, speed controller, O2/CO regulator and BUS interface)
  • Innovative design allowing easy access to burner components for fast start-up and reduced maintenance time and space. • Orientable air intake box
  • Conform with relevant Australian Standards

For further information on our range of burner options, please contact our Sales Department.

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