Heating Boiler

Commercial ranging floor standing steel boilers

HOT WATER BOILER series BRK, three pass reverse flame wet back horizontal firetube boiler suitable for use on liquid and gaseous fuels

  • Fully automatically laser cut and electrically welded steel body
  • Flanged front plate and dished end without T-butt welds to the furnace
  • Flue gas tubes inserted with high temperature steel spiral turbulators
  • High water volume
  • Anti-scale and anti-condensate design
  • Ceramic fibre insulated front door with reversible opening
  • Casing made of easy-to-mount painted steel panels

Standard supply

  • Outer casing with high density insulation
  • Turbolators
  • Cleaning tool

Maximum operating pressure 5 bar. For higher pressures consult our Sales Department

obrienboilers machine

User's Benefits

  • Fully automatically laser cut and electrically welded boiler body constructed from high quality steel S 235 JR EN 10025
  • Front tube plate entirely flanged towards the furnace with full penetration face-to-face welding to the furnace (no T-butt weld), ensuring an efficient absorption of furnace expansion and an aerodynamic flue gas profile which eliminates the temperature concentration
  • Furnace back plate fully dished (no T-butt weld) and submerged in the boiler water (wet back design), providing an efficient cooling of the furnace end plate
  • Stay tube welded between the furnace back plate and the rear tube plate for a higher static resistance
  • Dished rear tube plate to absorb the furnace expansion (from model BRK 100)
  • Flue gas tubes in carbon steel Fe 37 D, 3,2 mm thick, inserted with spiral turbolators that strongly improve the heat transfer factor
  • Tubes to front plate unique assembly without projection of the tubes from the plate so as to avoid temperature concentrations
  • Internal water circulation improved by a deflector plate that conveys the cold returns to the front plate reducing its temperature and simultaneously avoids condensation in the last section of the tubes
  • Front door manufactured with steel plate and internally insulated with ceramic fibre, mounted on two easy-to-open hinges with reversible opening
  • Rear smoke box manufactured in fireproof thermal insulated steel sheet, bolt mounted, complete with stack connection and cleaning door
  • Radiation surfaces thermally insulated with thick glass wool - outer casing made of easy-to-mount painted steel panels

Condensing Hot Water

  • A penny saved is a penny earned:
    What if we would tell you that Xtreme is the most efficient boiler in it's class? It operates on wide range of flow rates with low pressure drop.
  • Incredible automation. Built-in:
    Upto 16 boilers cascade sequencing with no extra equipment needed. In addition to one heating circle and DHW, each boiler controls upto 3 additional heat circles (zone control). Automatic frost protection, built-in time program per each day of the week, weekdays, weeks or weekends. Just set and forget.
  • Installers best friend:
    Unparalleled installation flexibility. With zero side clearance the installed footprint is upto 30% smaller than competitive boilers.
  • Safe and reliable:
    Each boiler is equipped with state of the art technology available today.
  • Total controll across the Globe:
    Keeps you in complete control across the country or across the world thanks to the web-server connectivity feature.

Condensing Hot Water

Today, condensing boilers are becoming more popular with the intent of reducing the water temperature returning to the boiler to condense the flue gas as much as possible. There is a direct correlation between increasing condensation of the flue gas and boiler efficiency gains. Because of this, boiler construction for condensing boilers is different from non-condensing boilers. In condensing boilers, the heat exchanger has to be made of robust materials to prevent the acidic condensate from corroding and completely degrading the materials within the boiler and the flue stack. Condensing boiler heat exchangers are constructed of either stainless steel or aluminium construction.