About Us

O'Brien Boiler Services Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company. We provide contract services in the areas of industrial and commercial boiler supply, maintenance and installation work. O’Brien Boiler Services offers not only products, but efficient, comprehensive and flexible service which is required to successfully operate in the competitive Australian market.  We’ve operated successfully in the trade for over 22 years and built a reputation in contract management and administration that is second to none.  

No customer is ever just buying a product; they are buying the service the product renders. That applies especially to O’Brien Boiler Services.  Our service provision is constantly expanding with the continual innovations and improvements in heating technology.  

We’re thankful to our team of loyal tradespeople, who not only possess the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the right result on each project, but who are also invaluable contributors to our company’s vision and goals. Our promise: we will be on site as fast as is humanly possible, in cities as well as more remote areas, whatever the weather, weekdays' and holidays. The company stands by this prompt and reliable customer service.   Service that is clean, prompt, diligent and thorough; that’s the O’Brien promise to you.  


O'Brien's vision is to form long lasting relationships with our clients. We bring a knowledgeable approach to your steam system and take the time to understand your operational and business requirements. Exceptional client service constitutes a core value for the business and we always aim to become a trusted partner of our clients. We have been able to differentiate ourselves from others through strong relationships, our level of service is one of the very reasons clients continue to work with us.


O’Brien are proud to have formed alliances with global industry leaders. We have carefully selected and formed partnerships with only those suppliers who align with our vision, mission and core values and are able to deliver to the high standards we expect.